Creating a Personal Access Token (PAT) in Tableau Cloud

With Tableau enforcing the MFA logins for Tableau Cloud, it’s important to switch to another method of authentication when you have scripts that interact with your Tableau Cloud instance. The recommended method is creating a Personal Access Token (PAT), here’s how to do it:   Step 1 Edit your account settings Login to Tableau Cloud […]

Python to Tableau Hyper publishing

Using Python, you can automate the publishing of new (or updated) data to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.  A lot of my clients use Tableau Cloud, and recently Tableau has started enforcing the MFA security policies and along with that you can no longer use username/password combinations to login and publish the new data. Now […]

How do I run commands from Excel ?

My first blog post – I started my business just over a year ago and always promised myself to blog about what I do. A year later I look at the website and it feels pretty empty, so hopefully from now on I can post more about what I do 😉👍 You may or may […]