Python to Tableau Hyper publishing

Using Python, you can automate the publishing of new (or updated) data to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud.  A lot of my clients use Tableau Cloud, and recently Tableau has started enforcing the MFA security policies and along with that you can no longer use username/password combinations to login and publish the new data.

Now you need a Personal Access Token (PAT) in order to authenticate your session and publish the data source properly.

Tableau’s suite of APIs let you do a lot of other tasks programmatically, but if you want to learn how to publish a data source here’s how:

					from tableauhyperapi import *
import pandas as pd
import tableauserverclient as TSC

SITE_NAME = 'site-name'
project_name = 'project-name'
hyper_name = 'name_of_your_published_data_source.hyper'

PAT_NAME = 'create-your-PAT'
PAT_SECRET = 'PAT-secret'

data = {
    'col1': [1, 2, 3],
    'col2': ['a', 'b', 'c'],
    'col3': [True, False, True],
    'col4': [1.0, 2.5, 3.8],
    'col5': pd.date_range(start='2022-01-01', periods=3),

df = pd.DataFrame(data)

# Set up a connection to a new Hyper file
with HyperProcess(telemetry=Telemetry.DO_NOT_SEND_USAGE_DATA_TO_TABLEAU) as hyper:
    with Connection(hyper.endpoint, hyper_name, CreateMode.CREATE_AND_REPLACE) as connection:

        # Define the table schema
        table_definition = TableDefinition(
                TableDefinition.Column('col2', SqlType.text()),
                TableDefinition.Column('col3', SqlType.bool()),
                TableDefinition.Column('col4', SqlType.double()),


        with Inserter(connection, table_definition) as inserter:
            for index, row in df.iterrows():

# Sign in to server
tableau_auth = TSC.PersonalAccessTokenAuth(PAT_NAME, PAT_SECRET, SITE_NAME)

server = TSC.Server(POD_NAME, use_server_version=True)


# Define publish mode - Overwrite, Append, or CreateNew
publish_mode = TSC.Server.PublishMode.Overwrite

# Get project_id from project_name
all_projects, pagination_item = server.projects.get()
for project in TSC.Pager(server.projects):
    if == project_name:
        project_id =

# Create the datasource object with the project_id
datasource = TSC.DatasourceItem(project_id)

print(f"Publishing {hyper_name} to {project_name}...")
# Publish datasource
datasource = server.datasources.publish(datasource, hyper_name, publish_mode)
print("Datasource published. Datasource ID: {0}".format(


So how do you use this?

Copy the code and then change:

Line 5 / POD_NAME : your pod name, pretty obvious

Line 6 / SITE_NAME : still part of the URL, but you must use this (even if you’re using Tableau Server)

Line 7 / project_name : Make sure it’s unique in the site, but you will see the code that converts the project_name into project_id (lines 57-61)

Line 8 / hyper_name : the local filename, that also becomes the name of your published data source

Line 10 / PAT_NAME : the name of the PAT you have created.  At the time of writing, if you use Tableau Cloud these can disappear without notice.

Line 11 / PAT_SECRET : make sure you copy this when you see it, you will never get access again.

Learn how to create a PAT here

As with any coding, there is multiple ways to achieve the same result.  Please change the code to match your requirements and let me know what you’ve done.

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