Web Services

We also offer a full range of domain registration, web hosting and website design services.

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To create your website you need ...

Domain Name

A top-level domain (TLD) is used by everyone to locate your website.  You can purchase any TLD that is not currently owned.  Most people understand the “.com” domain extension, but there’s a long list of others that are available as well.  Different rules do apply at times, for example the “.com.au” must be for your business, product or service that you offer.

Web hosting

This is where the files are stored that create your website.  Simply, you have to have web hosting and a domain to make everything work properly.  Web hosting usually means all the files, databases and email accounts that you use, but you can use other third-party services for video storage, emails, etc.

Website design and maintenance

We use WordPress because of the plethora of plugins available and the flexibility of the platform.  For most sites we use Elementor Pro, Duplicator Pro and WooCommerce for those that require e-commerce solutions.  We can do the website design and maintenance, or give you access to do the design and/or maintenance yourself.

Other tips ...

  • As a business, it’s always wise to purchase several domains to protect your business.  You can then redirect your extra domains to the domain that you want to promote the most OR have several different websites for different audiences.
  • You can have several websites using a single web hosting package
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the security behind every online transaction.  It’s the lock icon on your website that gives customers the confidence to purchase from your site.