Although we specialise in Tableau, Alteryx and Snowflake we also have experience in Python and a variety of other tools used to store, prep and visualise your data.  

Check our Case Studies to see if what we have done previously might be leveraged to solve your data problems.


The world’s leading data visualisation software that empowers users to see and understand their data.  Tableau powers everything from large multi-national corporates through to small-medium businesses that want to interact with their data better and use empower themselves to make better business decisions.

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It takes time to explain what Alteryx does, because it can do so much!.  We use Alteryx to do ETL (Extract Transform Load) processing,  ELT (Extract Load Transform) processing, spatial analysis, automated reporting, data analytics and web scraping … and probably a few other tasks as well!.

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The database “built for the cloud” is amazingly powerful and cost-effective at the same time.  Snowflake separates compute and storage costs to give you the best choices in both.  You can scale the compute power up and down instantly, or turn it off (so you have no compute cost at all). 

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.  It is extremely flexible and we use it on projects when custom coding is required.  This can involve complex web scraping, processing data from APIs or running a simple data update task based on a schedule.

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