Time for some tools

TC24 really put me into the spirit of doing more coding.  It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed doing and it’s helped me get into the position that I am today.

In true TC style, I’ll announce the name now so you can all applaud without actually really knowing what it is (but the name sorta reveals all)

Introducing ....

Tableau Colour Palette Converter

I’ll wait for the applause to die down …..  

Tableau Colour Palette Converter is a nifty little tool that I hope will be useful to a lot of people or maybe just me. It’s designed to help you create colour palettes for Tableau (obviously!!) by taking the drudgery out of getting your Preferences file configured properly.  ou know the drill – you go to a cool website like www.coolors.co to design your next awesome colour scheme for Tableau. You then have to figure out how to paste the RGB hex codes into the right place in the Preferences file to make it work.  With this tool you simply 

1. copy the coolors URL

2. paste it into the tool

3. Give your new colour palette a name

4. BINGO! instantly you have the code to paste in to your preferences file.

To get access, you can simply go to 

But if you’re still reading, you might be interested to know

  • This tool consists of 3 files : HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I used HTML a long time ago, so I remember some of the syntax but I don’t know CSS or JavaScript at all.
  • I used ChatGPT to write most of the code.  I was curious to see how it would work, and I don’t think AI can replace any coders (yet !) but it was pretty impressive.  The way you phrase the question … the correct technical term these days is prompt engineering has a HUGE impact on the results.  When I say “most”, it was about 98% because I kept on re-prompting until I got the result I was after.  I was very technical with the prompts though, if you are too vague the result will be ridiculous.
  • this is also my first public repository on GitHub which means you can see all the code, download it and improve it OR simply log an Issue.  An Issue is something that I need to address – new features, bugs, etc …  Please log issue/s if you need to 

So that’s about all for this blog post.  I do have a few other ideas for tools, but if you have an idea please let me know.

While you’re here, read some of the other blog posts.  I’m aiming to blog a lot more this year.

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